School connections with St Nicolas Parish Church Cranleigh


We have links with six of the schools here in the Cranleigh area and below is what we have been up to in each one:


CRANLEIGH C of E PRIMARY SCHOOL:  We have the great privilege of taking assembly twice a week

at the C of E School (Mon and Tues), one of those is with the Church Together in Cranleigh Open the

Book team.  The school holds services in the Church throughout the year at the beginning and end of

each term and on festivals such as Harvest, St Nicolas Day, Christmas and Easter.  We regularly take

part in RE lessons at the school, from reception to year 6, with topics from creation to the resurrection.


PARK MEAD SCHOOL (primary):  We have been in to Park Mead for assemblies but have recently been invited to take Open the Book in once a week as part of Churches Together in Cranleigh.  We have also been in for RE lessons over the course of the year with year 5 which has been great fun!  The school also hold their Christmas Carol Service at the Church.







RIKKYO SCHOOL:  It is always good to welcome the Japanese students and staff of Rikkyo School to

some of our 10.00 am Family services.