On-going Restoration Work at St Nicolas Parish Church Cranleigh

As with any ancient building (ours dates back to 1170 - see Guide page), we have a continuing need for the upkeep of the fabric.

Some 20 years ago we had sufficient funds to decorate the interior of the church - an easy job, only to find serious cracks in the

tower area and the actual tower pulling away from the main body of the church.

We launched our first major appeal in 1997 and since then we have raised three quarters of a million pounds!



Thank You !


The Amount Spent To Date Has Been Over £750,000



Projects that this money has been used for include:



Gift Day leafletTree Felling and Replanting £12,358
Stabilising the Tower £147,285
Internal Tower Repairs £16,995
Bell Ring Beam repairs for the Millennium £8,225
Lightning Conductor work £5,854
Guttering, Surface Drains and Paths £75,954
Re-Roofing North Aisle, North side of Nave and Choir Vestry £21,454
Repair of West Window £62,741
Replastering Walls and full Interior Redecoration of the Church £72,195
Restoration of Lych Gate £15,500
Re-Roofing of Chancel, North Transept and Clergy Vestry £36,000
Upgrade Fire Detection £8,000
Upgrade Electrics £6,000
Upgrade Heating System £10,000
Repair work to Church Car Park £1,284
New Sound System £25,106
Replacement of quoin stones to tower £29,143
Oak shelving in south transept £3,967
North transept cupbopard and rearrangement £17,077
Interior paintwork £1,125
Woodworm treatment in tower £4,590
General internal stonework repairs £420
New bell ropes £671
Churchyard shed £1,580
Replacement of worn carpet £4,190
Repairs to altar frontals £3,700

Replication of memorial plaque to John Crabbe £4,028 (joint project)
Introduction of new glass to South Transept (Mothers' Union window) £26,500
Improvements to rainwater disposal south transept £3,636
Conservation of Wall paintings in Lady Chapel £9,700
Provide new Toilet facilites £5,384
Realign shed wall £700
Replace boiler £26,000





The following work still needs to be done:



To ensure that we maintain the church building as part of our legacy for following Cranleigh generations, future projects include:
Stonework repair on Tower, East all and West door surround £21,500
Buttress stones repair £2,500
Improve disabled access at Lych Gate and main door £6,500
East window stonework and glass repair £6,000
Repair of Thurlow Memorial following tree damage £14,000

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If you would like to make a donation towards the continuing restoration work to our church then please send it to:



St Nicolas Church Restoration Fund

Church Office

Church Lane


Surrey GU6 8AS



Under the Gift Aid regulations the HM Revenue and Customs will refund Income Tax on gifts made where the giver has supplied

his/her name and address and signed the necessary forms. For each £10.00 given the Government will donate a further £2.50 -

for further information on Gift Aid please contact our Stewarship Secretary, Herb Cherry on 01483 276134


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