Home Groups


We have a number of homegroups at St Nicolas which meet during the week, usually every fortnight, and are a great way of growing in faith, developing good friends and providing Christian care. They are suitable for young, old and those in between and are open to all. Some are in the daytime, some in the evening. Content varies, but usually includes study of the bible or a Christian book, prayer and refreshments. They can be really helpful in providing spiritual nourishment for those unable to attend church regularly on a Sunday and those more comfortable in small groups.  We would encourage those in our congregation not part of a group to consider joining soon.  They are not only for those who know their bible or are spiritually ‘strong’, the whole point of them is to help people grow in faith and their relationship with God wherever they are at.




If you would like to join one please contact Rev'd Roy Woodhams on 01483 800655 or

Email rector@stnicolascranleigh.org.uk