Missions supported by St Nicolas Parish Church Cranleigh


St Nicolas Parish Church, Cranleigh, supports mission at home and overseas in particular by donating a proportion of income between the following mission societies and also by special services for each one on one Sunday every year.
To find out more about each society you may click on the links provided to their individual web sites then return back to our site to continue.


Bible Society

Born out of the Evangelical revival of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the Bible Society enjoyed the support of such people as William Wilberforce and Lord Shaftesbury.  Following on from the work of those early days there are now more than 130 sister societies.

Have you ever wondered how the Bible - originally written in three languages by many different people - came to us?  Translation has always been a core part of Bible Society's work.  To date, just over 2,000 of the world's estimated 6,500 languages have some part of the Bible translated - so there's still a long way to go. But, as well as foreign language translation, there's also a need to keep English language translation up to date - using clear, everyday language for today's culture.

For further information visit www.biblesociety.org.uk
or contact local representative Timothy Quallington on 01483 273361



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Children's Society

The Children's Society is one of the largest and most innovative children's charities in Britain.  Founded in 1881 and working through over 100 projects throughout England and Wales, we reach out to nearly 40,000 children and young people every year helping to find solutions to the very serious problems they face.  Children and young people are shaped by the communities they live in, and by the people that surround them.  Their prospects can become bleak when these influences let them down. 

The Children's Society concentrates its resources on tackling the root cause of the problems these children and young people face.  There are five areas where the Society's work is making a difference: * Safe on the Streets * A Right to Education * Youth Justice * Children in Communities * Feeding Matters *

For further information visit
or contact local representative Marion Glasper on 01483 267879



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Christian Aid


Christian Aid works with the world's poorest people in around 50 countries, regardless of race or faith. It tackles the causes and consequences of poverty and injustice.  They are part of ACT International, the ecumenical relief network.
Christian Aid is a registered charity in the UK No 1105851

For further information visit www.christianaid.org.uk
or contact local representative Anthony Harrow at cranfoldjsc@yahoo.co.uk




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Church Mission Society


  CMS is a voluntary association of people rooted in the Anglican Communion with obedience to Christ's command to fulfil his Great Commission.  They strive to share with people of all races and to gather them into the fellowship of Christ's Church members of CMS try to participate actively in Christian mission wherever they are country or overseas.  Founded in 1799, CMS has attracted upwards of 9,000 men and women partners during its 200 year history.  Today there are about 150 mission partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

A budget of £5.75m a year is needed to expand this work.  CMS has six main priorities: * Leadership training and theological education * Support for small and struggling churches * Evangelism and church planting * Dialogue and witness with people of other faiths * Community development and health care * Work among refugees and migrant peoples * 

We are specifically supporting the work of David and Shelley Stokes in Argentina.

For further information visit www.cms-uk.org
or contact local representative Pamela Bigg at pamela.bigg@btinternet.com



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Guildford YMCA


Guildford YMCA has a long history in the town, and for 20 years has provided safe housing for young people in the Bridge Street hostel along with bed and breakfast accommodation, conferencing and restaurant facilites.  Youth work projects based at Plantation in Market Street have further developed the 'YMCA effect' on local young people.

Guildford YMCA is a Christian charity which aims to engage young people, aged between 14 to 25 years of age, through positive relationships and help them move on in their journey of personal development.
Guildford YMCA’s vision is of an inclusive Christian Movement, transforming our local communities so that all young people truly belong, contribute and thrive.

For further information visit www.guildfordymca.org.uk
or contact local representative Andrea Young at andrea-young@tiscali.co.uk



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Mission to Seafarers


For 150 years the Mission has cared for seafarers of every creed, colour and nationality.  Around the world chaplains, staff and volunteers visit seafarers on their ships, welcome them to seafarers' centres, and work to remind them that they are not forgotten, that God loves them.  Seafarers do not easily fit into neat Church categories.  They spend long months at sea away from their families and friends.  They are often isolated members of small multinational crews, divided from colleagues by culture, language and faith.  They are frequently ill-treated by the minority of unscrupulous ship-owners who require them to serve on unsafe ships, accept scandalously low wages and eat inadequate food.

For further information visit www.missiontoseafarers.org
or contact local representative Edna Bond on 01483 268672



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United Society

Yes, missionaries are still needed.  US has over 100 missionaries serving in five continents.  Through its programmes, the Society ensures a global exchange of people, ideas and experience.  US funds hospitals, schools, theological colleges, prisons and children's homes in living partnership with the world-wide church.  By linking parishes in Britain and Ireland with projects in other parts of the world you can learn more about mission in action.

Recognising the special place that the poor and excluded have in God's heart, US seeks to: * Witness and work with others by proclaiming God's saving love brought to life in all people and in all places * Serve, challenge and be challenged by the worldwide church as it proclaims the reconciling work of God in Christ for all * Promote justice and share resources and experiences to further God's kingdom.

For further information visit www.weareus.org.uk
or contact local representative Sheila Smith via chris_tew77@hotmail.com



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