United in Prayer


Many of us try to set aside a time of prayer each day - with varying success.  We recognise the importance of prayer and know that only by spending time with God each day are we able to live as he wants us to live.  After all, Jesus himself taught us to pray and set us an example by making time in his busy life to go off alone and be close to God.


We know what we ought to do, but there are two problems we sometimes encounter: 


1) finding the opportunity to be still, free of distraction and sufficiently wide awake;
2) keeping fresh and open to new ways of praying, and not allowing our prayer life to become a stale routine.



With this in mind we have launched an initiative called ‘United in Prayer’. It includes suggestions for morning and evening prayer which can be used at home quite flexibly, in the knowledge that although we are praying as individuals we are not alone.  We are in the company of others who are also at prayer throughout the parish.  

Download United in Prayer Suggestions.



The work of the St Nicolas Parochial Church Council is carried out by seven teams.  We invite you to pray for one of these teams each day.


Download the PCC team prayer rota.



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As a further help to personal prayer you may also like to know about:


NEW DAYLIGHT is a booklet produced by the Bible Reading Fellowship that now nineteen of our church congregation find very helpful in their personal prayer life.  This little booklet provides a thought for the day with an appropriate closing prayer.  These attractive books are quite stimulating with a different author each month.

If you would like to see a complimentary copy or order these for the coming year, please contact Angela or Michael Wild who will be pleased to deliver these to your door each quarter.  01483 274398   mamwild@aol.com  






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