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Praying for our parents/carers
Dear God,
We pray for those who are parents and carers during this difficult time. We pray for those who are figuring out how to home school their kids; please give them lots of energy, resources and support while they navigate this time.
May they be encouraged and uplifted!
In Jesus' name, amen
Gabrielle Clarke (Guest) 06/04/2020 17:51 Write a reply

Michael Roberts 06/04/2020 18:16
Gabrielle, thank you for your prayer and the way it expresses the concern for all those learning how to change the way their lives can be lived. God Bless
(Guest) 06/04/2020 18:32
And we also thank God for the amazing who have taken the time to set stuff up on our Church website: like this prayer wall!
Steff (Guest) 09/04/2020 10:36
Thank you Gabrielle- we need God on our Home School and Teaching Team - quite possibly the busiest time ever.
But Thank you God for this opportunity to spend QUALITY time with my children.
Sophieeeeeeeeeee (Guest) 02/07/2020 19:38
thank YOU steff. i love to spend time with my mum as well

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