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Father God we pray for our church St Nicolas and for all groups and individuals that contribute to the life and mission of the church. We pray for Roy, and Tim. We ask that you continue to guide them in their ministry and discipleship here with us and in the wider Cranleigh community.

Living Lord, we pray for all areas of the world where there is political tension, unrest, and violence may you bring justice and a lasting peace. Where there is famine, hunger and natural disasters may you bring relief.

We hold up to you the People of Hong Kong who have recently had their freedom of speech and the right to protest withdrawn by the Chinese Government. May you bring peace and reconciliation to the island.

We pray for those who are trapped by human trafficking and modern day slavery and all who suffer abuse. May you bring them to a place of safety and those responsible for their suffering to justice and that they seek repentance of their sins.

Lord in Your Mercy-Hear our prayer.

Alan Walton (Guest) 06/07/2020 11:59 Write a reply

Michael Roberts 07/07/2020 19:29
Alan Amen to your thoughts and prayer
Gabrielle (Guest) 16/07/2020 19:40
Father God, thank you for Alan's prayers. Please help those who are struggling at the moment and bless them where they are. Please help the charities and organisations that are working hard to support people in these strange times.
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