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Especially when we are physically apart, we invite you to use this virtual prayer wall to leave your prayers. These will be included in our daily prayer offices by our clergy. We will pray for you and we invite you to pray with us from home too.

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Everyone Who's SufferingDavid P Carroll (Guest)12/01/2021522/03/2021 08:15Alan Donavon (Guest)
Remembering Douglas Charles BourneMartin Bourne (Guest)07/08/20201  
summer holidaysella pearson (Guest)16/07/2020229/07/2020 13:12Michael Roberts
Timmy ( owner of Vegetable Mixer)Spring Harvest Dude (Guest)16/07/20201  
Mys sisterLuke Shepherd (Guest)16/07/2020216/07/2020 19:44Sophieeeeeeeeeeeeeee thats me (Guest)
Welcome Tim, Alexandra and HenryGabrielle (Guest)16/07/20201  
PrayersAlan Walton (Guest)06/07/2020316/07/2020 19:40Gabrielle (Guest)
Praying for the childrenGeorgie (Guest)16/07/20201  
How great is our GodAnnabel aka Marbles (Guest)02/07/20201  
Dear God, thank you that we can celebrate you anytime, anywhereAnnabel aka Marbles (Guest)02/07/2020202/07/2020 19:47Sophieeeeeeeeeee thats meeee (Guest)
Best God everAnnabel aka Marbles (Guest)02/07/20201  
Praying for kofiGeorgie (Guest)02/07/2020302/07/2020 19:40Sophieeeeeeeeeee thats meeee (Guest)
Dear God, thank you that we can celebrate your name anywhere, anytimeAnnabel aka Marbles (Guest)02/07/20201  
my friendsSophie Shepherd (Guest)02/07/2020202/07/2020 19:39Sophieeeeeeeeeee (Guest)
Praying for our parents/carersGabrielle Clarke (Guest)06/04/2020502/07/2020 19:38Sophieeeeeeeeeee (Guest)
Schools going backGabrielle (Guest)02/07/20201  
to come back to church and be able to see everyoneElla Pearson (Guest)11/06/2020227/06/2020 16:14Michael Roberts
Shopping onlineSophie Shepherd (Guest)11/06/2020227/06/2020 16:12Michael Roberts
What's your favourite worship song?Gabrielle (Guest)09/04/2020411/06/2020 19:40Sophieeeeeeeeeee (Guest)
My Lenten PrayerAnnabel Oxborough (Guest)08/04/2020411/06/2020 19:39Sophieeeeeeeeeee (Guest)
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