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Baptism and Services of Thanksgiving

BaptismWe are delighted that you’re considering having a baptism or thanksgiving service at St Nicolas, both of these services are key moments in the life of the person being baptised, their family and godparents.

A Baptism Service is the traditional service in which water is poured over the child's head. In the services, the parents and godparents promise to bring up the child in the Christian face.

A Service of Thanksgiving is encouraged for those who are not ready to have a child baptised, but would like to thank God for their birth or adoption.

The birth or adoption of a child is a cause for celebration and many people feel the need to mark the occasion with a special church service. We want to give you a warm welcome and to do all we can to make the occasion enjoyable and meaningful for you and your family. We have created the leaflet below to answer as many questions as possible.  

Download Baptism Guide
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