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Emotional Support and Care

Our team of Pastoral Assistants have been trained and licensed by the Bishop of Guildford to work in the parish alongside the clergy and to support anyone with a heavy heart.

There are any number of challenging situations in life, where someone may benefit from the training and experience of a Pastoral Assistant who will always treat conversations in confidence. These are the most common scenarios we find our team helping with, but if you feel there is something we can help you with, please get in touch. Pastoral Assistants offer a sympathetic ear and will advise on the appropriate resources available when required. 

Baptism Visits:
A Pastoral Assistant leads a team of "Baptism Visitors" who give support and encouragement to the parents before and following the Christening, until the child reaches Sunday Club age.
Hospital Visiting and Home For The Elderly:
Many who are sick or lonely known to the Pastoral Assistants receive visits in hospital or at home to brighten their lives a little.

Bereavement Visiting:
Pastoral Assistants have had specific training on the importance of "Just Listening".  Many who are recently bereaved find support in a casual visit by someone with true empathy.

To talk to one of our team, in confidence, please call 07752 854042