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Church Heritage


During 2018, the foundation of 1170 took place - an independent charity to help maintain and protect the Church building for future generations.

1170 is governed by a formal constitution registered with the UK’s Charity Commission and managed by a small number of local trustees. To support close working with the Church, a small number of trustees may be nominated by the Church council, but more than half of the Trustees are selected from the local community to bring a wide range of skills and experience.

The charity’s formation is a result of a vision that the heritage embedded in St Nicolas’ Church building is not the exclusive preserve of the Church community but rather an asset that is used and enjoyed by the whole village, schools, history groups, tourists in the UK and overseas as well as people making journeys of pilgrimage exploring their Family roots.

It is this community role that 1170 intends to develop further through the introduction of events that are both entertaining and educational. The intention being that all age groups will develop musical skills through the opportunity for participation but with a focus on those still honing their skills in such as schools and colleges with encouragement from those talented individuals sharing what they have achieved. This desire to support individual development is an important focus for 1170.

To find out more about 1170, please visit their website: